From the Introduction

No matter where we imagine a spiritual journey will take us, or what we are hoping to find; whatever our mind wants to acquire, be rid of, understand, or transcend; whatever God we pray to or reject; eventually, the so-called spiritual journey leads back to Only This! Only Now!

Only This! is what the mind cannot understand, although understandings may come. Only This! is wordless, although words may pour forth from its silence. Only This! is not something that can be spoken or grasped, gained or lost. Only This! is timeless, yet never separate from what is unfolding in time.

This collection of poems and reflections is a glimpse into the spiritual journey of one who began her quest searching not for herself, but for God. It led from a childhood loss of a parent in a single moment of time to the unexpected yet profound awakening to the timeless within. Many of these poems attempt to put into words what is wordless. Words will always fail, and yet they come as passions move, and the heart breaks open to its deepest longing for truth. Words cannot describe the Mystery, and yet they flow forth from it, without intent.

This book is dedicated to my teacher, Adyashanti, a living buddha, and a living flame of truth, who appeared quite unexpectedly in my life to set fire to the dry grass I did not even know was waiting to be torched within me. Through the mysterious transmission of what cannot be spoken, Awakeness discovered its ageless companion. The radiant emptiness behind these masks we wear revealed itself as an old Friend. There are no words of gratitude that could suffice for the one who points to This! Yet what points is what is awake in each one of us.